Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fake love or real love ?

1.1 God endowes humans with various kinds of feelings and each has its own spiritual value. One of them is love.

1.2 What is the definition of love? one could say it is a strong internal inclination towards someone or a deep attraction of one's heart towards someone. Love is not only limited to humans, objects or species but the feeling of love can occur between us and God The Almighty but this rarely happens.

1.3 Loving or wanting to be loved is not the utmost feeling because love among men will not last long that is why it has been called as temporal love whereas loving god is everlasting.

1.4 Therefore, we should never ask, beg or expect to love or loved by humans eventhough nothing is wrong with it. That kind of love does not last. If we obtain it, that's good. All praises to Allah. If we fail to obtain it, one should not mind. But it is incumbent on all to try to find the everlasting love that is loving Allah The Greatest. The only love that brings happiness in the world and the hereafter although people seldom pursue it as they are so busy with finding the cheap love.

1.5 To gain the love of god ones have to abide by His rule, performing whatever He commands and leaving behind whatever He forbids. We need to worship Him as He wants and not as we want because Allah S.W.T has sent His last revelation to our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W encompasses all things that we need in this word. We also have to understand and uphold the prophet's Sunnah and avoid doing ritual deeds that is contrary to what Allah wants. If we want to experience the magnificence and greatness of God's love then we have to worship Him using the original guidance be it the methods or forms and of course the hidden message here is we have to avoid practicing BID'AH in our ibadah.

1.6 Here once again i would like to stress, love Allah so that Allah will love us, stop pursuing the fake love, stop worshipping Allah in the wrong way (BID'AH), start learning the true Islam by understanding the Sunnah and we will reach the everlasting real love, THE GREATEST LOVE.