Wednesday, April 15, 2009


1.1 We have arrived at an impasse. Sadly, this happened again and we are in a state of desperation and loss. But being in this space gives us more chances to know something. Here, we know our enemies.

1.2 It just like our blindfold has been ripped from our eyes as the result we could see our enemies.

1.3 We see how their filth and their greed have staggered our heart. We must crush this vermin. We must wipe this plague from our life.

1.4 They are strong. Stronger than we are.

1.5 And then my question assumed a new form. How can we beat them, the enemies?

1.6 We need a leader, a man of great vision, a man with the courage to grind these enemies’ bones into the dust. I don’t know where he is but I am sure he lives, he lives today and he will lead our people to victory.

1.7 I tell you friends, this is war – a war that is soon to turn.

1.8 If we should fail, we will stand down. But we will not fail.

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