Monday, November 2, 2009

I am hurt

I am hurt
I am truly hurt
Deeply rooted inside my heart
The pain, the sorrow, the darkness

I am hurt
I am truly hurt
But nobody knows
Nobody tries to know
Maybe just because I am not somebody

I am hurt
I am truly hurt
The loneliness, the seclusion
Where to?
Heading to what?

I am hurt
I am truly hurt
Despite my smiling fa├žade
Melancholy lies beneath it

I am hurt
I am truly hurt
In the gorge of reality
My feet get caught in the shackles of Lies, fears, ostentation, and grief
I’m not weak enough to be captured by them

I am hurt
It is hurtful
Yet, I tell thee only the truth


11.31 am.


al-lavendari said...

salam. saya yakin anda berupaya mengubati kelukaan itu.

hazeleyed said...

i could feel that you are deeply hurt...
Kakak Hazel experienced it too.
It hurts to be hurt...the scar will remain though the pain will be gone.
what ever it is...just pray that Allah will look upon you and guide you always. Look ahead and try to smile okay.

Masterzizoul said...

thanks pal

maiyah said...

nape luka tu dik, tp akak tau adik kuat :)

Ibnu Husain El-Qahiry said...

gjoe.. wut befell u fren? or u juz need to have a very "good" sumbody.. hehe..
be happy, God is always be with u.

a kl citizen said...


masa boleh mengubat luka, tapi parutnya tetap ada..

ini menjadi peringatan kat saya juga supaya sentiasa berhati2 dalam berbicara, agar tidak melukai hati orang lain

sabar banyak2...

Masterzizoul said...

thanks for the concern....yeah time is the best medicine...