Thursday, January 1, 2009

» Life of a weirdo »

1.1 Be patient for a while, the woe will be over soon even it seems to be interminable beforehand. Being underestimated is not something great especially when you are still struggling to walk a new path. But whether it is real or not, the issue here is not to surrender before the battle.

1.2 I am standing here knowing my standard and I am cognizant of this incontrovertible fact, when I gaze carefully, the distinction between me and the others is too apparent and that makes me utter this phrase "I ain't somebody here". My mind keeps thinking the ways to defeat the enemy, too many enemies surrounding me who always exasperate me which their reprobate doings transgress morality and human decency thus leave me to the state of having no alternatives other than beating them all. That is what it takes for deprecating me.

1.3 To procure the ultimate satisfaction and vengeance, I need proclivity to sideline today's pleasure, when time arrives it is my opportunity to show off to palliate my discomfort. It may look heinous but actually it is something I desire most to do, that's inimical plus it will bring about the deleterious effects to myself but it will truly induces me feeling comfortable and I will be waiting for the day when they all feel compunction for the shabby way they treat me.

1.4 I believe if I endure this pressure I will not be having any problems to encounter any troubles await me outside there. Meaning that, I have to learn many things and undergo lots of inextricable obstacles before reaching the success . Forbearance teaches us how to comprehend life and make us not escaping from the reality. Thus, take it now; bear troublesome things now before you get into the very real life. Fear not anything, just show you can do whatever you want and you can get whatever you desire, and show to others that you have changed, YOu ARE now independent , strong willed- person and long-suffering one too. THE OnLY REASON BEHIND THAT is, God creates you to be someone, the one who's entitled to commendation.

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