Monday, January 12, 2009

Sing for Tribulation

1.1 It’s kind of funny when it comes to thinking the way this world treats the rest of us. Something unclear needs to be explained to make people around are aware of the imponderable truth that goes around them. In search of veracity people seem to be perplexed but that does not mean they have to remain in the room of circumspection.

1.2 The ignorance makes us stay in continual tribulation. What is true and what we want to be true are not always the same. It suggests that only god knows the mars planted inside us, only He can bring the cure to our wound and that is the reason why we must be capable of contrition.

1.3 The end of everything and the arrival of the day of absolution await us in dead silence. So, we can always ignore this irrefutable fact and live in charade or we can head to the soul-filling vision that is not completely unbeknownst to us. Well that's a pretty astute observation right?

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