Saturday, July 18, 2009

Befriend with patience

So it begins, time to come up and show the hidden potential,
You still have 1 year to do so and you should take an action by now.
It doesn’t matter how you do that, it matters how you can maintain being in that atmosphere,
The situation in which you know not to surrender and befriend with patience all the time.
To miss this golden opportunity really means that you are totally a bad fucking loser and
That makes you are not eligible to grasp the success in the future since you
Do not appreciate what you have had just now. Whether or not you entitled to go through,
You must do it and whenever you lose, grew up from that mistake and do it again till
You became a man. It is a must, the responsibility that you carry and that
Buck cannot be passed to others…… trying to get away from reality is a big mistake.
Fear NOT, coz you're the best !!!!!

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