Saturday, August 22, 2009


Just want to share something with all you guys, got this poem when working as a part-timer in IIUM CELPED library. I like the phrase “Success is Failure Turned Inside Out” and “You Never Can Tell How Close You Are It May Be Near When It Seems a Far” cause it really happens to me. So, those who think they want to quit I suggest you rethink; success is waiting for us whispering “your wish is my command”. It’s now or never.


When Things Go Wrong

As They Sometimes Will

When The Road You’re

Trudging Seems All Uphill

When The Funds Are High

And You Want to Smile

But You Have To Sigh

When Care Is Pressing

You Down A Bit –

Rest If You Must

But Don’t Quit

Success is Failure

Turned Inside Out

The Silver Tint Of

The Clouds Of Doubt

And You Never Can Tell

How Close You Are

It May Be Near When

It Seems a Far

So, Stick To The Fight

When You’re Hardest Hit—

It’s When Things Go Wrong

That You Musn’t Quit


ZOOL@TOD said...

A good one (kena komen cakap omputih jugak)

Masterzizoul said...

good...good. Selamat berpuasa

maiyah said...

salam.. akak ni terbelit lidah nak cakap omputih tapi bleh ler paham kit.. mmg kita jgn mengalah.. kita yg mengawal diri kita apa2 pun suma nyer bermula dari akal

Masterzizoul said...

akal hati
akal budi

Ibnu Husain El-Qahiry said...

yeah, traipse all over the guts then u'll be nuthin but great "dun-quit" thang!! hehe